Private Docs

Here you’ll find guides and resources to charge up your business with Charge Anywhere

This is a private section for our merchants and requires a username and password to access these documents. Get in touch with our team for the login credentials.

  • QuickSale Semi-Integration Guide
    This guide describes how merchants can integrate QuickSale developed by Charge Anywhere allowing them to process credit card, debit, and EBT transactions from their own custom 
  • Cloud Connect Specifications
    This guide describes how merchants can harness the power of the Cloud Connect socket connection and generate a successful payment request in a scenario where the Merchant POS application and the terminal cannot communicate directly. 
  • QuickSale Android SDK Integration
    This document will guide you through the steps to complete the QuickSale Android SDK integration.
  • Advanced Integration Protocol
    This guide will help you in implementing Advanced Integration Protocol (AIP) which is a type of Payment Form supported by Charge Anywhere that allows Host to Host communication.
  • Tokenization
    This guide describes how to implement the Charge Anywhere tokenization process.
  • ComsGate Payment Gateway Specifications
    This guide describes how you can execute transactions using ComsGate Payment Gateway.